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UCSD Computer Vision

@inproceedings { 250,
	title = {Convex Hulls of Algebraic Curves},
	booktitle = {Proceedings of the SPIE Conference on Curves and Surfaces in Computer Vision and Graphics},
	year = {1992},
	pages = {118-127},
	abstract = {A new algorithm based on curve tracing and decomposition techniques is presented for computing the convex hull of an algebraic curve defined implicitly by f(x,y)=0; the curve may have multiple components as well as singular points. The output is an ordered collection of line segments and sections of the curve represented by a sample point and interval bounds; this representation is suitable for rendering the convex hull by classical curve tracing techniques. Additionally, we present a point classification function for the convex hull based on Sturm sequences. Progress toward extending these results to algebraic surfaces is briefly discussed.},
	author = {David Kriegman and Erliang Yeh and Jean Ponce}