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UCSD Computer Vision

@inproceedings { 436,
	title = {Non-Rigid Surface Detection for Gestural Interaction with Applicable Surfaces},
	booktitle = {Applications of Computer Vision (WACV)},
	year = {2012},
	month = {January},
	address = {Breckenridge, CO},
	abstract = {In this work we present a novel application of non-rigid
surface detection to enable gestural interaction with applicable
surfaces. This method can add interactivity to traditionally
passive media such as books, newspapers, restaurant
menus, or anything else printed on paper. We allow a
user to interact with these surfaces in a natural manner and
present basic gestures based on pointing and touching.
This technique was developed as part of an ongoing effort
to create an assisted reading device for the visually impaired.
However, it is suited to general applications and
can be used as a practical mechanism for interaction with
screen-less wearable devices. Our key contributions are a
unique application of non-rigid surface detection, a basic
gesturing paradigm, and a proof of concept system.},
	author = {Andrew Ziegler and Serge Belongie}