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Instructors: To request a copy of the DVD, please follow the instructions on this form and send a notification email to sjb+cvff@cs.ucsd.edu.

This educational DVD represents an effort to inspire young people to explore and discover the often misunderstood field of Computer Vision. Ideas that are ultimately at the core of Computer Vision as a research field have permeated literature and, since the invention of film, Hollywood. Hollywood films will be used as a starting point for discussion because of their popularity. Elements of Computer Vision are commonly found in Hollywood films, acting as a bridge between the possibilities of scientific reality and fantasy. Most people, familiar with CV only through such films, have little idea of the scope of this field. This project aims to advise, clarify, and inspire curious students as well as other interested individuals.

The commentaries are arranged into the following seven chapters: 1. Biometrics, 2. Recognition & Segmentation, 3. 3D Vision, 4. Image Based Rendering, 5. Beyond the Visible Spectrum, 6. Tracking, 7. Image Enhancement & Super-resolution.

The DVD will be made available for use as an educational tool in the classroom, with the potential of reaching cable television audiences.

Below is a list of people who contributed commentaries to the project during CVPR 2005:

Terry Boult
Bill Freeman
Carlo Tomasi
Alyosha Efros
David Forsyth
Ramin Zabih
Yuri Boykov
Pedro Felzenszwalb
Gaile Gordon
Frank Dellaert
Vassilis Athitsos
Dan Huttenlocher
Patrick Baker
Cordelia Schmid
Olga Veksler
Kiran Bhat
Li Zhang
Fei-Fei Li
Yann LeCun
David Martin
Andrew Fitzgibbon
Michael Isard
Paul Debevec
Ben Ochoa
Christopher Geyer
Andrew Zisserman
Kevin Murphy
Tanveer Syeda-Mahmood
Rick Szeliski
Steve Sullivan
Jitendra Malik
Bill Triggs
Bastian Leibe
Michal Irani
Harpreet Sawhney
Kobus Barnard
Salil Prabhakar
Jason Corso
Larry Matthies
Camillo J. Taylor

Project funding generously provided by the UCSD division of Calit2.

Copyright (c) 2005 CVD Project. All Rights Reserved.

UCSD Project Faculty Advisors: Serge Belongie & David Kriegman