Structure and Motion from Line Segments in Multiple Images

Camillo J. Taylor, David J. Kriegman

Yale Center For Systems Science Technical Report 9402b , January, 1994.

Also appeared in IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, November, 1995, pp. 1021--1032.


This paper presents a new method for recovering the three dimensional structure of a scene composed of straight line segments using the image data obtained from a moving camera. The recovery algorithm is formulated in terms of an objective function which measures the total squared distance in the image plane between the observed edge segments and the projections (perspective) of the reconstructed lines. This objective function is minimized with respect to the line parameters and the camera positions to obtain an estimate for the structure of the scene. The effectiveness of this approach is demonstrated quantitatively through extensive simulations and qualitatively with actual image sequences. The implementation is being made publicly available.