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UCSD Computer Vision

Florian Schroff, PostDoc

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Doppelgänger List Comparison

Face recognition approaches have traditionally focused on direct comparisons between aligned images, e.g using pixel values or local image features. Such comparisons become prohibitively difficult when comparing faces across extreme differences in pose, illumination and expression. We prop...

Multi-Image and Video-Based Face Recognition

Face recognition is an important problem in computer vision with applications ranging from surveillance to robotics to the organization of personal image collections. In this work we focus on unconstrained face recognition in videos. The setup consists of a set of gallery videos (or images) for eac...


Visipedia is a joint project between Pietro Perona's Vision Group at Caltech and Serge Belongie's Vision Group at UCSD. Visipedia, short for "Visual Encyclopedia," is an augmented version of Wikipedia, where pictures are first-class citizens alongside text. Goals of Visipedia include creation of h...


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