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UCSD Computer Vision

Piotr Dollár, PhD

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Task Specific Local Region Matching

In this project we trained a distance function for local region matching. We show that when the application is relatively constrained, using a supervised learning approach produces better results than a generic system that was tuned by hand.

Monitoring Animal Behavior

Smart Vivarium: automated monitoring of animal health and welfare.

Locally Smooth Manifold Learning

LSML is a method for determining a warping from a point on a manifold to its neighbors on the manifold. A direct application of this method is performed on video sequences where the ways of moving on the underlying manifold are learned and then used to move within and out of the training set. The wa...

Multiple Component & Pose Learning

This project focuses on visual learning with ambiguity. In particular, we have applied and extended the Multiple Instance Learning (MIL) paradigm to challenging computer vision problems. We propose two novel learning frameworks: Multiple Component Learning (MCL) for part-based object detection, and ...


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