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UCSD Computer Vision

Satya Mallick, PhD


Reconstruction with Arbitrary BRDFs

Vision for Structural Biology

Theory of Illumination

Automated CTF Estimation

In this paper we present a completely automated algorithm for estimating the parameters of the contrast transfer function (CTF) of a transmission electron microscope. The primary contribution of this paper is the determination of the astigmatism prior to the estimation of the CTF parameters. The CT...

Particle Detection in Cryo-Electron Micrographs

A new learning-based approach is presented for particle detection in cryo-electron micrographs using the Adaboost learning algorithm. The approach builds directly on the successful detectors developed for the domain of face detection. It is a discriminative algorithm which learns important features...

SUV Color Space

We present a photometric stereo method for non-diffuse materials that does not require an explicit reflectance model or reference object. By computing a data-dependent rotation of RGB color space, we show that the specular reflection effects can be separated from the much simpler, diffuse (approxima...

Photometric Stereo

Photometric Stereo is a common method to acquire the shape of objects. We seek to extend the technique to non-Lambertian Reflectance, use differential methods to develop a new framework, and unify photometric stereo with shape from shading and structure from motion within the differential framework...

Refractive Optical Flow

This paper presents a novel generalization of the optical flow equation to the case of refraction, and it describes a method for recovering the refractive structure of an object from a video sequence acquired as the background behind the refracting object moves. By structure here we mean a represen...


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