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UCSD Computer Vision

Stephan Steinbach, Associate

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Distributed Human Computation

The ground truth labeling of an image dataset is a task that often requires a large amount of human time and labor. We present an infrastructure for distributed human labeling that can exploit the modularity of common vision problems involving segmentation and recognition. We present the different e...

Assistive Technology for the Visually Impaired

The contemporary urban environment is brimming with rich visual cues that provide valuable directional and informational content to sighted individuals. The goal of the GroZi project is to make significant advances toward making these visual cues universally accessible in a variety of real-world do...

Car Surveillance

Vehicle license plate and make and model recognition.


Steinbach S., Rabaud V., Belongie S., "Soylent Grid: it's Made of People!", Workshop on Interactive Computer Vision (ICV), Rio de Janeiro, 2007. [BibTex][pdf]