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UCSD Computer Vision

Icon Vectorization

Vincent Rabaud, Serge Belongie


Computer icons are small artiļ¬cial images designed to be perceived with minimal ambiguity by the human visual system. In order to make them easier to perceive by visually impaired people, we propose a solution to the super-resolution problem for color bitmap icons in a manner that exploits the unique characteristics of this medium versus that of generic low resolution natural imagery. We propose an MRF-based solution that incorporates local models of luminance and color perception which lays the basis for a snake-based vectorization of the icon and demonstrates encouraging performance on a diverse set of icons.

Related Publications

Rabaud V., Belongie S., "Big Little Icons", Computer Vision Applications for the Visually Impaired (CVAVI), San Diego, CA, 2005. [BibTex][pdf]