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UCSD Computer Vision

SUV Color Space

Satya Mallick, David Kriegman


We present a photometric stereo method for non-diffuse materials that does not require an explicit reflectance model or reference object. By computing a data-dependent rotation of RGB color space, we show that the specular reflection effects can be separated from the much simpler, diffuse (approximately Lambertian) reflection effects for surfaces that can be modeled with dichromatic reflectance. Images in this transformed color space are used to obtain photometric reconstructions that are independent of the specular reflectance. In contrast to other methods for highlight removal based on dichromatic color separation (e.g., color histogram analysis and/or polarization), we do not explicitly recover the specular and diffuse components of an image. Instead, we simply find a transformation of color space that yields more direct access to shape information. The method is purely local and is able to handle surfaces with arbitrary texture.

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Non UCSD Vision People also Involved

Todd Zickler (Harvard), Peter Belhumeur (Columbia)