Boris Babenko, PhD

Industry Experience

Dropbox, San Francisco09/2012-Present

Software Engineer.

Anchovi Labs, San Diego11/2011-09/2012


BioNano Genomics, San Diego09/2011-11/2011

Computer Vision consultant.

Bioimagene, Sunnyvale05/2010-06/2010

Computer Vision consultant.

Google, Santa Monica07/2009-09/2009

Software Engineering Intern in Machine Vision group. Worked on the Google Goggles project.

New Media Search, San Diego07/2008

Computer vision consultant.

Honda Research Institute, Mountain View07/2007-09/2007

Computer vision research intern, under Dr. Ming-Hsuan Yang.


CSE 166 (Image Processing) TAFall, 2010

Instructor: Serge Belongie. Evaluation: 4.8/5.0.

Relevant Coursework

Professional Activities


TPAMI 2008, CVPR 2009, ICCV 2009, TPAMI 2009, CVPR 2010.


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Official (but outdated) CV

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