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I'm currently a Software Engineer at Google in Los Angeles. I completed my Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering at UCSD under Serge Belongie in June, 2013. My research interests are in computer vision, machine learning, and computer security. I graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Washington, Seattle, in 2006. I also go by Shiaokai.

Eric Kim, Nicholas Carlini, Andrew Chang, George Yiu, Kai Wang, and David Wagner.
Improved Support for Machine-Assisted Ballot-Level Audits.
EVT/WOTE 2013, Washington DC. [PDF]
Project page

Kai Wang, Eric Kim, Nicholas Carlini, Ivan Motyashov, Daniel Nguyen, and David Wagner.
Operator-Assisted Tabulation of Optical Scan Ballots.
EVT/WOTE 2012, Bellevue, WA. [PDF]
Project page
Selected press: [Ars Technica]

Kai Wang, Boris Babenko, and Serge Belongie.
End-to-end Scene Text Recognition.
ICCV 2011, Barcelona, Spain. [PDF]
Project page
Galleries: ICDAR, SVT.

Kai Wang and Serge Belongie.
Word Spotting in the Wild.
ECCV 2010, Heraklion, Crete. [PDF]
Project page

Kai Wang, Eric Rescorla, Hovav Shacham, and Serge Belongie.
OpenScan: A Fully Transparent Optical Scan Voting System.
EVT/WOTE 2010, Washingon DC. [PDF]

Peter Faymonville, Kai Wang, John Miller, Serge Belongie.
CAPTCHA-based Image Labeling on the Soylent Grid.
HCOMP 2009, Paris, France. [PDF] [Full Version]

Benjamin Laxton, Kai Wang, and Stefan Savage.
Reconsidering Physical Key Secrecy: Teleduplication via Optical Decoding.
ACM CCS 2008, Arlington, VA. [PDF]
Project page
Selected press: [JSOE] [Scientific American] [/.] [Numb3rs?]

Shiaokai Wang, William Pentney, Ana-Maria Popescu, Tanzeem Choudhury, and Matthai Philipose.
Commonsense-Based Joint Training of Human Activity Recognizers.
IJCAI 2007, Hyderabad, India. [PDF]

William Pentney, Ana-Maria Popescu, Shiaokai Wang, Henry Kautz, and Matthai Philipose.
Sensor-Based Understanding of Daily Life via Large-Scale Use of Common Sense.
AAAI 2006, Boston, MA. [PDF]

Donald J. Patterson, Lin Liao, Krzysztof Gajos, Michael Collier, Nik Livic, Katherine Olson, Shiaokai Wang, Dieter Fox, and Hentry Kautz.
Opportunity Knocks: a System to Provide Cognitive Assistance with Transportation Services.
UBICOMP 2004, Nottingham, England. [PDF]

The Street View Text Dataset

  • 6/11/12: [TRAVEL] Back for more in Santa Monica doing an internship at Google.
  • 4/26/12: [MISC] Recevied an Intel PhD Fellowship for 2012/2013.
  • 11/02/11: [CODE] Source code for 'End-to-End Scene Text Recognition' posted .
  • 3/21/11: [TRAVEL] Spending the next 6 months doing research at UC Berkeley.
  • 12/3/10: [MISC] A special note about Academic web pages versus social networking websites .
  • 10/21/10: [MISC] Added space to link random/useful info.
  • 9/9/10: [MISC] Recevied a KSC grant from Yahoo!.
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  • 6/21/10: [TRAVEL] In Santa Monica this summer doing an internship at Google.
  • 10/23/09: [MISC] I carved a pumpkin.
  • 6/13/09: [TRAVEL] In Beijing, China this summer doing an internship at Microsoft Research Asia.
  • 10/29/08: [PRESS] Jacobs School of Engineering coverage of the Sneakey project. link
  • 8/04/08: [RUNNING] San Francisco Marathon results!
  • 6/14/08: [TRAVEL] In Mountain View this summer doing an internship at Google.
  • 4/30/08: Added a page for my race results.
  • 12/26/07: Website live!

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UNIX filesytem standard: nice to know.
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