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If you are angered, shocked, sickened, etc., by the use of slave labor to make a luxury product for the world's rich, then say so. Tell your friends, family, co-workers, even strangers (if you're up for it), and hopefully they'll start buying good chocolate and speaking out themselves. But above all, tell the chocolate companies that exploit the slavery, and the feckless legislators who have thus far let them get away with it. Tell them that you won't be buying their products or giving them your votes until they've changed their ways.

On this page we've included links to some letters we've written. Feel free to use them however you like: copy and paste them, use them for inspiration, forward them to friends, whatever. It is worth mentioning, we think, that most of these companies don't really seem to read the substance of the letters they're sent, since they often seem to reply with equivocating, pat responses. This is annoying, to be sure, but it also makes writing the letters a lot easier, since one needn't spend too much time crafting an argument. The most important thing, in this case, is quantity, not quality. The more their in-boxes are filled with "angry about chocolate slavery" type letters, the more likely they are to perceive that exploitation as a risk to profits and political careers. Just by copying, signing, and sending a letter, you can add to the pressure in mere moments.

As a further convenience, we've also included some of the necessary contact information. As far as the chocolate companies go, we've stuck to some of the biggest abusers because they have the most power to effect a change. This doesn't mean that other companies aren't involved - many are - just that you might have to take an extra minute or two finding their contact info on the net, if you'd like to jeer them as well. Changing the ways of even one of the big companies, though, would likely have a transforming effect on the entire industry.

So, get busy emailing these cretins:

Post Your Letter

Please post letters you have sent to inspire others! Click here to post. There are currently posts on this topic.

Last Updated January 19, 2009.

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