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Food for Thought

The Sanctity of the Individual. The best argument I could come up with against our indifference to the suffering of others. I'd rather it were more eloquent, of course, but I think it's essential points are clear enough.

Boycotts - Good or Bad?. A brief examination of arguments for and against boycotting exploitive chocolate makers. We come down in favor of boycotts.

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What we're all about.

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The sad truth about most chocolate products, as reported by reliable news sources and NGOs.

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Now that you know about the slavery in chocolate, do something about it.

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A guide to good chocolate. And by "good" we don't just mean "yummy", but "virtuous", too.

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Twenty bucks might buy you and I a nice meal, but for millions of others it could mean the difference between life and death. So, how about mac & cheese tonight?

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There are lots of issues related to chocolate slavery - poverty, power, politics and more. Read and talk about them here.


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