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An implementation of the layered volumetric surface texture reconstruction algorithm. The program generates a volumetric texture model from a set of BTF samples capturing the appearance of a texture for arbitrary view and light directions. It has a build-in OpenGL renderer for displaying the reconstructed texture sample and is capable of rendering textured 3-D meshes stored in the 3DS and SMF formats. For LVST surface synthesis on meshes, the program uses a modified version of the fast texture synthesis algorithm . Rendering of LVST is done via vertex and fragment shaders in Cg.


This is an implementation of the fast texture synthesis algorithm and includes an OpenGL renderer for displaying the synthesized results on 3-D meshes stored in 3DS and SMF formats. Accepts color textures in the PNG format.


A utility program for batch-converting RAW image formats from various digital cameras. I have written it as a result of my frustration with existing conversion programs and the closed-format mentality of most camera manufacturing companies. Unlike other conversion programs, it can provide access to the true raw image data captured by the camera, meaning the actual Bayer color pattern. It can output the image data in various pixel formats and various stages of image post-processing. I have only used it for the Canon EOS-1D, but it should be capable of handling other cameras as well.


This is my own implementation and visualization of the QSplat algorithm for rendering of huge 3-D models in real-time.


Last updated : January 12 2007