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Manmohan Chandraker

I lead the Media Analytics group at NEC Labs America. We work on computer vision, in particular large-scale image recognition and 3D scene understanding. My personal research interests are 3D reconstruction and graphics-based vision, with applications in autonomous driving, robotics and HCI.

My PhD was from UC San Diego with Prof. David Kriegman, before a postdoc at UC Berkeley with Prof. Ravi Ramamoorthi.

E-mail: manu [AT] nec - labs . com






  • 2016: Three papers accepted for CVPR 2016 on weakly-supervised reconstruction, shape from light fields and occlusion modeling.
  • 2016: I will serve as area chair for ICVGIP 2016.
  • 2016: I will serve as tutorials and workshop chair for 3DV 2016.
  • 2016: Paper on scalable traffic scene recognition accepted at WACV 2016.
  • 2015: Paper on BRDF-invariant shape recovery accepted for PAMI special issue of best papers from CVPR 2014.
  • 2015: Paper on low scale-drift real-time monocular SFM accepted for IEEE PAMI.
  • 2015: I will serve as area chair at CVPR 2016.
  • 2015: Paper on 3D localization accepted as oral at CVPR 2015.
  • 2015: I will serve as area chair for ICVGIP 2015.
  • 2014: Work on BRDF-invariance with camera motion wins Best Paper Award at CVPR 2014.
  • 2014: Paper on joint shape and material recovery accepted at ECCV 2014.
  • 2014: Two papers accepted at CVPR 2014 on BRDF-invariance and real-time monocular SFM.

    3D Visual Sensing for Automated Driver Assistance: Our team is developing a real-time traffic scene understanding system that uses a single camera to localize traffic participants in 3D, for applications like collision avoidance and dangerous event prediction.

    Real-Time 3D Object Localization
    3D Object Localization
    CVPR 2015 (oral)
    Real-Time Monocular SFM
    Real-time Monocular SFM
    Architecture: ICRA 2013 Scale-drift: CVPR 2014
    Stereo SFM Using Lines
    Real-time Line SFM
    ICCV 2009

    Dense 3D Reconstruction for Challenging Conditions: My research aims to overcome the limitations of traditional dense reconstruction methods by harnessing semantic information, or with a deeper understanding of complex material behavior.

    Stratified Autocalibration, Marr Prize 2007
    Multiview stereo for complex materials
    CVPR 2014 (oral)
    [Best Paper Award]
    General Bilinear Programming
    Optical flow for unknown material type
    CVPR 2013 (oral)
    General Bilinear Programming
    Dense reconstruction with semantic priors
    CVPR 2013 (oral)
    General Bilinear Programming
    Material recovery using a single image
    ICCV 2011 (oral)
    General Bilinear Programming
    Photometric stereo for unknown material type
    CVPR 2011 (oral)


    Global Optimization for 3D Reconstruction: My PhD thesis is on globally optimal algorithms for structure and motion estimation. [PDF]
    [Winner, CSE Dissertation Award for Best Doctoral Thesis, UCSD, 2009.] [Nominee, ACM Dissertation Award, 2009.]

    Stratified Autocalibration, Marr Prize 2007
    Stratified Autocalibration
    ICCV 2007 (oral)
    [Marr Prize Hon. Mention for Best Paper]
    General Bilinear Programming
    Bilinear Programming
    CVPR 2008 (oral)
    Direct Autocalibration
    Direct Autocalibration
    CVPR 2007
    Triangulation and Resectioning
    Multiple-View Geometry
    ECCV 2006 (oral)

    Global Light Transport: I have developed theory and algorithms for photometric 3D reconstruction that can handle global light transport effects, such as inter-reflections and shadows. I have also worked on methods to invert such global effects in projector-camera systems.

    Interreflections and GBR
    Inter-reflections resolve GBR
    CVPR 2005 (oral)
    Photometric stereo with shadows
    CVPR 2007
    Inverse Light Transport
    Inverse light transport
    ECCV 2010


    A. Kanazawa, D, Jacobs and M.K. Chandraker
    WarpNet: Weakly Supervised Matching for Single-View Reconstruction
    CVPR 2016, Las Vegas, NV.

    T.-C. Wang, M.K. Chandraker, A. Efros and R. Ramamoorthi [oral]
    SVBRDF-Invariant Shape and Reflectance Recovery from Light Fields
    CVPR 2016, Las Vegas, NV.

    V. Dhiman, Q.-H. Tran, J. Corso and M.K. Chandraker
    A Continuous Occlusion Model for Road Scene Understanding
    CVPR 2016, Las Vegas, NV.

    C.-Y. Chen, W. Choi and M.K. Chandraker
    Atomic Scenes for Scalable Traffic Scene Recognition
    WACV 2016, Lake Placid, NY.

    M.K. Chandraker [Spl. Issue, Best of CVPR 2014]
    The Information Available to a Moving Observer on Shape with Unknown, Isotropic BRDFs
    IEEE PAMI 2015.

    S. Song, M.K. Chandraker and C. Guest
    High Accuracy Monocular SFM and Scale Correction for Autonomous Driving
    IEEE PAMI 2015.

    S. Song and M.K. Chandraker [oral]
    Joint SFM and Detection Cues in 3D Object Localization for Autonomous Driving
    CVPR 2015, Boston, Massachusetts.

    M.K. Chandraker
    On Joint Shape and Material Recovery from Motion Cues [PDF]
    ECCV 2014, Zurich, Switzerland.

    M.K. Chandraker [oral] [Best Paper Award]
    What Camera Motion Reveals About Shape with Unknown BRDF [PDF] [Tech Report]
    CVPR 2014, Columbus, Ohio.

    S. Song and M.K. Chandraker
    Robust Scale Estimation in Real-Time Monocular SFM for Autonomous Driving [PDF]
    CVPR 2014, Columbus, Ohio.

    M.K. Chandraker, D. Reddy, Y. Wang and R. Ramamoorthi [oral]
    What Motion Reveals About Shape with Unknown BRDF and Lighting [PDF]
    CVPR 2013, Portland, Oregon.

    Y. Bao, M.K. Chandraker, Y. Lin and S. Savarese [oral]
    Dense Object Reconstruction with Semantic Priors [PDF]
    CVPR 2013, Portland, Oregon.

    S. Song and M.K. Chandraker
    Parallel, Real-Time Monocular Visual Odometry [PDF]
    ICRA 2013, Karlsruhe, Germany.

    M.K. Chandraker, J. Bai and R. Ramamoorthi [Spl. Issue, Best of CVPR 2011]
    On Differential Photometric Reconstruction for Unknown, Isotropic BRDFs [PDF]
    IEEE PAMI 35(12):2941-2955, December 2013.

    M.K. Chandraker and R. Ramamoorthi [oral]
    What An Image Reveals About Material Reflectance [PDF]
    ICCV 2011, Barcelona, Spain.

    M.K. Chandraker, J. Bai and R. Ramamoorthi [oral]
    A Theory of Photometric Reconstruction for Unknown Isotropic Reflectances [PDF]
    CVPR 2011, Colorado Springs, pp. 2505-2512.

    M.K. Chandraker, J. Bai, T.-T. Ng and R. Ramamoorthi
    On the Duality of Forward and Inverse Light Transport [PDF]
    IEEE PAMI 33(10):2122-2128, October 2011.

    M.K. Chandraker, S. Agarwal, D.J. Kriegman and S. Belongie
    Globally Optimal Algorithms for Stratified Autocalibration [PDF]
    IJCV 90(2):236-254, November 2010.

    J. Bai, M.K. Chandraker, T.-T. Ng and R. Ramamoorthi
    A Dual Theory of Inverse and Forward Light Transport [PDF] [Tech Report] [Web]
    ECCV 2010, Heraklion, Greece.

    M.K. Chandraker, J. Lim and D.J. Kriegman
    Moving in Stereo: Efficient Structure and Motion Using Lines [PDF]
    ICCV 2009, Kyoto, Japan.

    M.K. Chandraker and D.J. Kriegman [oral]
    Globally Optimal Bilinear Programming for Computer Vision Applications [PDF] [Code]
    CVPR 2008, Anchorage, Alaska.

    F. Kahl, S. Agarwal, M.K. Chandraker, D.J. Kriegman and S. Belongie
    Practical Global Optimization for Multiview Geometry [PDF] [Code]
    IJCV 79(3):271-284, September 2008.

    M.K. Chandraker, S. Agarwal, D.J. Kriegman and S. Belongie [oral] [Marr Prize Honorable Mention]
    Globally Optimal Affine and Metric Upgrades in Stratified Autocalibration [PDF] [Web]
    ICCV 2007, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

    A. Agarwal, S. Izadi, M.K. Chandraker and A. Blake
    High Precision Multi-touch Sensing on Surfaces using Overhead Cameras [PDF]
    IEEE Tabletop 2007, Rhode Island.

    M.K. Chandraker, S. Agarwal and D.J. Kriegman
    ShadowCuts: Photometric Stereo with Shadows [PDF] [Data+Code]
    CVPR 2007, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

    M.K. Chandraker, S. Agarwal, F. Kahl, D. Nistér and D.J. Kriegman
    Autocalibration via Rank-Constrained Estimation of the Absolute Quadric [PDF] [VRML]
    CVPR 2007, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

    S. Agarwal, M.K. Chandraker, F. Kahl, D.J. Kriegman and S. Belongie [oral]
    Practical Global Optimization for Multiview Geometry [PDF] [Code]
    ECCV 2006, Graz, Austria, pp. 592-605, vol. 1.

    M.K. Chandraker, F. Kahl and D.J. Kriegman [oral]
    Reflections on the Generalized Bas-Relief Ambiguity [PDF]
    CVPR 2005, San Diego, CA, pp. 788-795, vol. 1.

    M.K. Chandraker, C. Stock and A. Pinz
    Real-Time Camera Pose in a Room
    ICVS 2003, Graz Austria, pp. 98-110.

    C. Stock, U. Mühlmann, M.K. Chandraker and A. Pinz
    Subpixel Corner Detection for Tracking Applications using CMOS Camera Technology [PDF]
    AAPR 2002, Graz, Austria.