I am still developing my SfM Matlab toolbox and you will be redirected to its new URL in 2 seconds: Google Code



This toolbox is a compilation of popular Structure From Motion (SFM) algorithms. As I used more and more SFM over the years, I could never find anything that goes beyond simple SFM (please, prove me wrong and send me links !!). I compiled all my code into a toolbox so that others do not have to reimplement everything. I apologize in advance if you do not find what you need (like algorithms using the L-infinity beauty) but I only implemented what I needed and optimized what I needed most:

This toolbox is in development and is maintained by Vincent Rabaud. Thanks to everyone who has given me feedback and suggestions -- you've helped make this toolbox more useful and easier to use.

If you use this toolbox in a paper, I would be grateful if you could cite it using the following BibTex entry:

Author = {Vincent Rabaud},
Title = {Vincent's {S}tructure from {M}otion {T}oolbox},
howpublished = {\url{http://vision.ucsd.edu/~vrabaud/toolbox/}}


The toolbox is divided into 3 parts, arranged by directories:


For version history click here. This code is licensed under GPL.


Most of the routines require:
Piotr's Image & Video Toolbox for Matlab
For a few other ones, you will need:
GloptiPoly 3

Simply unzip, then add all directories to the Matlab path:
  >> addpath(genpath('c:\toolboxSFM')); savepath;

Finally, if you do not want to use the pre-compiled binaries, run the compile script to create your own binaries:
  >> cd('c:\toolboxSFM');


If you have a question or a suggestion, or if you find a bug, please email me at vrabaud-at-cs.ucsd.edu