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UCSD Computer Vision


Serge BelongieDavid KriegmanRavi Ramamoorthi

Affiliated Faculty

Ramesh JainZhuowen TuNuno Vasconcelos
Carven von Bearensquash

PhD Students

Eric ChristiansenArturo FloresIljung Sam Kwak
Matteo ManninoJameson MerkowZak Murez


Robin HewittJohn MillerStephan Steinbach


Stine Harder (2013)Jan Jakeš (2013 to 2014)
Tomas Matera (2013 to 2014)Chong Cao (2012 to 2013)
Seung-Hoon Han (2012 to 2013)Antoni Chan (2011)
Kyoung Mu Lee (2011 to 2012)Ana Cristina Murillo (2011 to 2014)
Kris Kitani (2010)Tsubasa Yoshida (2010)
Peter Faymonville (2009)Masaaki Kokawa (2009 to 2010)
Valentin Leonardi (2007 to 2008)Michele Merler (2005 to 2006)
David Shaw (2005)Jocelyn Cambria (2003)
David Coeurjolly (1999)David Renaudie (1999)



Tali Treibitz (2014, PostDoc) → University of Haifa

Florian Schroff (2011, PostDoc) → Google

Fredrik Kahl (2006, PostDoc) → Lund University

Jeff Ho (2004, PostDoc)

Ricardo Swain Oropeza (2001, PostDoc)


Oscar Beijbom (2015, PhD)
Thesis: Automated Annotation of Coral Reef Survey Images

Hani Altwaijry (2014, PhD) → Transfer to Cornell University

Mohammad Moghimi (2014, PhD) → Transfer to Cornell University

Catherine Wah (2014, PhD) → Google
Thesis: Leveraging Human Perception and Computer Vision Algorithms for Interactive Fine-Grained Visual Categorization

Michael Wilber (2014, PhD) → Transfer to Cornell University

Kai Wang (2013, PhD) → Google
Thesis: Word Spotting in the Wild

Boris Babenko (2012, PhD) → Anchovi Labs/Caltech
Thesis: Training Discriminative Computer Vision Models with Weak Supervision

Steve Branson (2012, PhD) → Caltech
Thesis: Interactive Learning and Prediction Algorithms For Computer Vision Applications

Carolina Galleguillos (2011, PhD) → SET Media
Thesis: Beyond Appearance Features: Contextual Modeling for Object Recognition

Manmohan Chandraker (2009, PhD) → NEC

Vincent Rabaud (2009, PhD) → Aldebaran Robotics / OpenCV Foundation
Thesis: Manifold Learning Techniques for Non-Rigid Structure from Motion

Neil Alldrin (2008, PhD) → Google
Thesis: Models and Methods for Recovering Shape, Reflectance, and Illumination From Images

Neel Joshi (2008, PhD) → Microsoft Research
Thesis: Enhancing Photographs using Content‐Specific Image Priors

Andrew Rabinovich (2008, PhD) → Google
Thesis: Image Segmentation and Contextual Modeling for Object Recognition

Kristin Branson (2007, PhD) → Janelia Farm
Thesis: Tracking Multiple Mice through Severe Occlusions

Piotr Dollár (2007, PhD) → Microsoft Research
Thesis: Learning from Local Image Regions

Ben Ochoa (2007, PhD) → 2d3, Inc.
Thesis: Precise Estimation of the Geoposition and Orientation of Ground-level Video Cameras from Multiple Sensors

Sameer Agarwal (2006, PhD) → Google
Thesis: Learning from Higher Order Relations

Sebastian Magda (2006, PhD)

Satya Mallick (2006, PhD) → Photometria, Inc.
Thesis: The Structure and Analysis of a Scene: A Photometric Approach

Josh Wills (2006, PhD) → Google
Thesis: Data Analysis Methods for Motion Segmentation and Material Reflectance

Jongwoo Lim (2005, PhD) → Google

Kuang-Chih Lee (2004, PhD)

Erliang Yeh (1998, PhD)

Baskaran Vijayakumar (1996, PhD)

Camillo Taylor (1994, PhD)


Jong-Chyi Su (2015, MS) → UMass-Amherst

Grant Van Horn (2014, MS) → Caltech
Thesis: Towards Scalable and Accurate Fine-Grained Categorization

Tsung-Yi Lin (2013, MS) → Cornell Tech

Phuc Xuan Nguyen (2013, MS) → UC Irvine

Andrew Ziegler (2012, MS) → Georgia Tech

Prasanna Krishnasamy (2011, MS) → Amazon

Nick True (2010, MS) → Northrop Grumman
Thesis: Real-Time Fire Detection in Low Quality Video

Tess Winlock (2010, MS) → Google
Thesis: ShelfScanner: Toward Real-Time Detection of Groceries for the Visually Impaired

Fred Birchmore (2009, MS) → SPAWAR
Thesis: A Holistic Approach to Human Presence Detection On Man-Portable Military Ground Robots

Nadav Ben-Haim (2008, MS) → Orpix
Thesis: Task Specific Image Text Recognition

Tom Duerig (2007, MS) → Google

Benjamin Laxton (2007, MS) → Fair Isaac Corporation
Thesis: Monocular Human Pose Estimation

Louka Dlagnekov (2005, MS) → Amazon
Thesis: Video-based Car Surveillance: License Plate, Make, and Model Recognition

Xin Wang (2005, MS)

Mei-fang Huang (2004, MS)

Wen Jen (2004, MS)

Diem Vu (2004, MS) →

Sang-Chul Lee (2003, MS) →

Sebastian Magda (2003, MS) →

Nick Hurlburst (2002, MS)

Amit Sethi (2002, MS) →

Mark Hyman (2000, MS)


Grant Van Horn (2012, BS) → Caltech

Connor Worley (2012, BS) → Lab126

Hourieh Fakourfar (2009, BS)

Anton Escobedo (2007, BS) → Solar Turbines, Inc.

Kevin King (2007, BS)

Marília Maschion (2007, BS)

Boris Babenko (2006, BS) → Anchovi Labs/Caltech

Nadav Ben-Haim (2006, BS) → Orpix

Stephan Steinbach (2006, BS) → Lucasfilm

Yan Sun (2006, BS) → IBM

Michael English (2005, BS)

Iljung Sam Kwak (2005, BS)

Evelyn Vargas (2004, BS)

Alvin Poon (2003, BS)

Tomeka Heglar (2002, BS)

Ben Leong (2001, BS)

Marci Meingast (2001, BS)

Tyler Robinson (2001, BS)

Onil Gunawardana (1995, BS)

Mike Toumbas (1994, BS)

Alumni whose info needs to be updated

Ben Freivogel, Arllen Perez - Acevedo, Jonathan Traupman,